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This is the final boarding call.

Hello there! I believe you have wandered, landed here and are not feeling lost. If you are, allow me to guide you through this blog. I am Arvind Mohan, who, among many other things, has spent the majority of my life cruising through the streets of Bangalore for conversations, food and everything in between. An HR by designation, I want to be in the running to achieve the elusive tag of someone on vacation always, hence the blog name! For now, I target visiting 100 cities across the globe. In the process, I want to document my passion and chart out the discoveries I will find on my journey in this travel blog that will soon be packed with a lot of memories.

So many ideas, so many things to do and so much to write about! Walking by markets, lanes, shops, stalls and cafes as a stranger to them and then doing the same a few days later, blending in as a local is going to be fun. It is these experiences that assimilate inside me, that I want to share with you.  I am sure the places I go to, will teach me newer things. It will show how much I have grown, as I expose myself to the multitudes of experiences that have shaped this world. 

Don't you worry, I won't just be posting photos with #wanderlust hanging around, my Instagram account is exclusive for that. Necessities present in a travel blog like hacks, places to visit, food to eat will be checked in, but will serve in my style on time.

If you spot me somewhere, come say hi and lets talk about beaches, dogs, or maybe dogs on beaches and everything else. I want to say more about my journey and hopefully, take you all in for a fun ride as well. All aboard as I indulge in this 'radical' act of self-discovery while trying to pack in experiences inside a lifetime. Worry not, it will be within the baggage limit. :)

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